Michael Carner

Rogers, AR 72756 · (479) 685-3528 · michael.andrew.carner@gmail.com

I enjoy building tools that help people do their job quickly and efficiently. My primarily tools are Javascript (React) and Java (Spring Boot), but I have experience with Powershell, PHP, Autohotkey and Wordpress.

Currently, I'm a software engineer working at Data Forms, Inc in Northwest Arkansas. When I'm not programming, I am either biking or helping my wife with her furniture refinishing business. I am also an aspiring entrepreneur, actively buying and selling things on the side. I love going to auctions just to see what I can find, especially if it's a good deal.



Issue Tracker built with ReactJS using Material UI Design, Spring Boot Java backend

An issue tracker used for troubleshooting software development.


  • Main dashboard where users can create and manage issues
  • Fully editable issues, including name, description, priority and state (open/closed)
  • Ability to leave, edit and delete comments
  • Account page where a user can change their display name and update their password
  • Registration with email activation

Tech Stack:

  • Frontend: Built using ReactJS and modern design components from the MaterialUI library
  • Backend: Powered by Java Spring Boot and Spring Security
  • Database: Postgres running on Vercel
  • Hosting: Deployed via Git repo with the frontend hosted on Vercel, and the database and backend hosted on Railways. These are both great options because they support easy, automatically deployment whenever the repo is updated.

This is a live app, so feel free to play around with it. It does require email registration, so if you don't want to deal with all that, I've created a short video that goes over primary features

Home Inspection Scheduling Web App

Web app frontend plus Custom Software Integration Built using Java and Selenium

A web app for a home inspection business. The user navigates a series of pages that collect user information, determines their needs and upsells certain services based on their selection. They can then schedule their appointment and receive a series of notifications noting the cost, time of appointment, following information, etc. This info is then imported into HomeGauge as an appointment using a Java server running Selenium.

For this project, I performed the roles of Sales, Project Manager, UI/UX designer and Developer. I met with the client to determine their current needs and built a mockup of the frontend for their approval. Due to time constraints, I contracted a 3rd party developer to create the frontend while I programmed the HomeGauge integration. There was no API available for the integration so I created a Java server to operate as a middle-man. It uses a combination of Selenium and direct HTTP requests to interact with the website, extracting info and importing appointments as needed.

This is a live site for a local client and I don't want to direct unnecessary traffic, but I will give a demonstration upon request.

USPS Compliance Tool

Built using Java Spring Boot, React JS. Multiple Datasources including ElasticSearch

Version 1

Built with Powershell and MySQL. Data is received via FTP from USPS and then imported along with our own production data. Analysis is performed to reconcile USPS data with our production data. Finally, reports are generated which can be used to look for problems, make corrections, and provide data to dispute issues with USPS. This has allowed us to continue operating with USPS as well as receive special bulk mailer discounts.

Version 2

The original tool worked well, but our volume was increasing and USPS was going through some changes that resulted in more errors we needed to dispute. I decided to take advantage of this to add some other features that we could use in production


  • Backend receives many different data feeds, parses it all and performs calculations
  • ElasticSearch database that decreases analysis time from hours to minutes
  • Added support for concurrency
  • Custom reports that a user can request through GUI frontend
  • Data grid on GUI frontend for viewing production data

Tech Stack:

  • Frontend: ReactJS with MaterialUI library
  • Backend: Java Spring Boot
  • Database: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, ElasticSearch
  • Hosting: Local Linux server

QuickTab Reports

Data Entry Automation Tool Created Using AutoHotkey

Created during my downtime as a machine operator, I picked up AutoHotkey by tinkering with our company's existing automation tools. Using that knowledge, I created this tool, which was designed to help our billing department manage a large increase in billable volume. Client/job materials and pricing info is stored in a series of Excel spreadsheets and the tool then pulls based on text identifiers, automatically entering it into our billing/inventory terminal software.

Because of this tool, the company was able to avoid hiring another employee, saving them roughly $50,000 per year. This played a role in my eventual promotion, as well as many thank you emails and surprise snacks from the billing lady. Originally implemented in 2016, we have since moved to a GUI based version yet it is still in use due to how efficient it is at this specific task.


Lead Developer

DFI Media

I split my time as IT Manager to work with our DFI Media division. This includes:

  • Sales
  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Web design
    • Squarespace
    • Wordpress (including custom plugin development)
  • Ecommerce site design and management
May 2019 - Present

IT Manager

DFI Mail
  • Daily monitoring of production systems
  • Analyze production data to identify problems before they happen
  • Work with 3rd party technical support to grow and augment our IT infrastructure.
  • Build tools to automate all of the above and keep us within USPS specification
September 2018 - Present

Data Processor

DFI Mail

Responsibilities included processing mailing lists and interacting with clients. I used this time to teach myself Powershell, which allowed me to build more tools to assist in every day production.

The project I am most proud of during this position was a QA system used to reconcile mailings for our newest client. At the time, we were running into issues during production due to errors in the client's data. I created a system to scan and track pieces using 2D Datamatrix barcodes which would be logged to a central server. If anything was missing or duplicated, we would be alerted immediately and could take proper corrective action.

As a result of this system, we were able to gain their trust as a client who has grown to our largest customer allowing us to double our staff.

March 2015 - September 2018

Machine Operator

DFI Mail

Originally hired to operate a letter inserter, I started experimenting with automation during production downtime. The company already had some systems in place (move files here, upload files there) but I extended them. Adding features that improved their usefulness which decreased the job error rate and made everyone's life easier.

During this time, I created an automation tool dubbed QuickTab Reports that greatly decreased the time needed to input billing information into our accounting software.

September 2014 - March 2015


University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, AR
Coursework towards Computer Science
August 2008 - May 2010

Creighton University

Omaha, NE

Coursework towards Psychology Degree

August 2007 - May 2008

East High School

Sioux City, IA

Completed 15 credits towards college degree

August 2003 - May 2007


Programming Languages & Tools
  • React, Java Spring Boot
  • Development based on UI/UX
  • Sensible Automation